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Atomic Redster FIS Dd 3.0 GS W Ski R/W 188

Atomic Redster FIS Dd 3.0 GS W Ski R/W 188

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Camber puts pop into skis\/snowboards and gives skiers\/boarders good edge control while carving turns


Rocker skis\/boards offer superior float in soft snow and increased ease of turn initiation.


The Atomic Redster FIS D2 GS is a high powered FIS legal GS ski for aggressive racers that are looking for power and speed. Built with Atomic's Doubledeck 3.0 Construction this Redster will provide you with a tremendous amount of rebound and stability. The Doubledeck 3.0 has a free floating structure built on top of the ski that will absorb vibrations and chatter with a connection that will ease your turn initiation. The Race Rocker has 5% of the tip that will enter you into a turn easier, while the other 95% of the Redster has traditional camber that will give you edge hold and grip on the snow as you fly down through a course. If you need a powerful GS ski the Atomic Redster D2 FIS GS will not disappoint you.

  • Doubledeck 3.0
  • Race Rocker
  • Complies to 2015 FIS Regulations
  • The Binding Plate Only Accepts Atomic X 12 VAR or X 16 VAR Bindings