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Volkl 90Eight Ladies Ski 2017

Volkl 90Eight Ladies Ski 2017

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Camber puts pop into skis\/snowboards and gives skiers\/boarders good edge control while carving turns


Rocker skis\/boards offer superior float in soft snow and increased ease of turn initiation.


Looking for a lighter all mountain ski that is as adept at handling fresh snow as it is cruising the corduroy? The Völkl 90Eight W Skis might just be the right call. With their distinctive topsheet contour that drops a bunch of weight and results in a supremely maneuverable ride to the pop and life that drives you from turn to turn, the 90Eight W is a one-of-a-kind ski that spearheads the new movement toward lighter alpine gear.


Freeski Tip and Tail Rocker – Makes the ski turn-friendly and allows for a stiffer flex setup. Only the shovel and tail zones bend upwards, with traditional cambering in the middle for pop.


3D.Ridge Technology – Völkl's revolutionary 3D.Ridge construction features a distinctive ridge down the center of the ski that bevels out to a very thin edge both in front of and to the rear of the binding. This significantly reduces inertial mass at the perimeter of the ski, increasing agility.

Moderate Tip and Tail Taper


Multi-Layer Wood Core – Völkl freeskiing models feature a multi-layer wood core that features two different densities of wood. In the binding attachment area, a dense, ash core is used, while in the rest of the ski, the core is poplar. The more dense wood creates more secure screw retention, preventing binding pull-out, and the soft, supple poplar section allows for resilience and snap. The flex pattern is tailored to each ski model, depending on the desired performance.


Tough Box Construction – Völkl protects the goods (in this case the Multi Layer Wood Core) with a composite and fiberglass sheath for resilience, durability and snap.

Carbon Stringer


Full Sidewall


P-Tex 2100


We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width.