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Toko Wax

Toko World Cup High Fluoro Hot Wax

Toko World Cup High Fluoro Hot Wax

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Color: Yellow
Size: 40g

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Spherical Lens

Also called 'toric'. Curve both vertically and horizontally to enhance peripheral vision.


Toko has completely redeveloped their line of high fluorinated race wax. These new HF race waxes feature Tribloc Technology, which is the result of years of research and testing to bring you the glide, acceleration, and dirt and abrasion resistance needed to reach the podium. Offers top performance at an attractive price. 


  • High Fluorinated Race Wax
  • Tribloc Technology
  • Unmatched degree of hold
  • Very high fluorine content for maximum water and dirt repellency
  • Flourine Dibloc acts as a bonding agent for race overlays
  • Colors:
    • Yellow - soft, damp to wet snow race wax
    • Red - medium-hard, mid-temp race wax
    • Blue - hard, cold and aggressive snow condition race wax
    • Black - contains a unique DLC additive for dirty or aggressive, artificial snow
    • AX 134 - very soft, extremely high fluorine content for very warm and wet snow conditions. World Cup's "magic agent" for these conditions.
  • 40 gram resealable case

Tribloc Technology

Completely redeveloped wax technology that gives you the advantage of those split seconds that decide between victory or defeat. Extensive research and testing has resulted in new paraffins, a new type of fluorine, and a previously unknown anti-static additive fused into an impressive race wax that has set the bar at the World cup level.

The advantages of Tribloc Technology are impressive:

  • Exceptional sliding propertiese
  • Excellent acceleration values
  • Maximum dirt and water repellancy

DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Additive

Increases the hardness of the ski base and makes it more resistant to dirt and friction. Offers decisive advantages on the snow:

  • Improved dirt-repellency
  • Extremely abrasion resistant and a high degree of hold

Toko waxes with DLC offer these excellent advantages and are very easy to apply, making them a welcome addition to your waxing kit.