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Swix Waxpack, V40, V60, K22, T10, T151, I61, T87

Swix Waxpack, V40, V60, K22, T10, T151, I61, T87

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The Swix Waxpack is an excellent, well-rounded kit for new touring skiers and experienced skiers alike. It contains the Swix V40 Blue Extra, Swix V60 Red Silver, Swix K22 VM Universal Klister, cork, Swix small fiberlene, Swix Base Cleaner spray bottle, and 2 Swix multiscrapers. This waxpack is specifically designed for warmer conditions with two grip waxes that work well in moderate to warm conditions and the addition of a universal klister for warmer and icy conditions. The addition of multiscrapers, fiberlene and base cleaner makes it easier to clean grip wax after a ski with sticky wax or klister.


  1. Comes in a handy zippered travel pack with a belt for mobile transportation
  2. Contains waxes for moderate to warm and icy snow conditions
  3. Designed for recreational/touring skiing