Specialized Crossroads Tire


Size: 26x1.9

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Available Sizes For: Black

Mississauga 26x1.9 650Bx1.9
Collingwood 26x1.9 650Bx1.9
Toronto 26x1.9 650Bx1.9
Distribution Centre 26x1.9 650Bx1.9
Marketplace 26x1.9 650Bx1.9

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With the Crossroads tire, we redesigned our popular Crossroads tread, making it the best, most robust multi-terrain tire out there. Whether on your mountain bike or town bike, this tire is ready for the rigors of everyday street life. And with Flak Jacket flat protection, plus a rugged casing and smooth-rolling tread, you'll get around town easily without worrying about flats or traction on parkways and cobbles.

  • Casing: 60 TPI
  • Bead: Wire
  • Compound: 60a
  • Flat Protection: Flak Jacket
  • 26 x 1.9"; psi 35-65; approximate weight 580g
  • 650b x 1.9"; psi 35-65; approximate weight 675g
  • 700 x 38mm; psi 50-80; approximate weight 575g