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Sidecut Racing

Sidecut Racing Base Bevel Guide

Sidecut Racing Base Bevel Guide

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Size: 0.7 degree

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Spherical Lens

Also called 'toric'. Curve both vertically and horizontally to enhance peripheral vision.


Have your skis ever felt 'catchy' or like they won't 'skid or steer' in certain snow conditions? This in most cases is due to inadequate base bevel. This can be very frustrating, dangerous and affect skill development. Sidecut Diamond Stones and Ceramic Stones have been designed to fit in all Base Bevel Guides. 

  • 0.5 - Used on all skis/boards and all slalom skis. For advanced to expert racers who pure carve the majority of their turns and like aggressive and responsive turn intiation and grip.
  • Always start with 0.5, test it, then if it's too aggressive move up to 0.7 or 1.0 degree guides.
  • 0.7 - Used when a 0.5 degree base bevel is a little 'too aggressive' or 'too catchy'. Used typically on younger skiers under 14. May also be used on the first 10-20 cm of skis (typically in GS) for easier turn initiation.
  • 1.0 - Used for SG/DH skis, for younger athletes, free ride and park skis and/or easier steering and turn initiation. May also be used on the first 10-20 cm of skis (typically in GS) for easier turn initiation. Also used frequently by ski teachers working with lower end clients where steering skills are used a lot, freeriders, and for the park and pipe. Recreational skiers commonly prefer 1.0 for all around use because it allows the skis to steer easier.
  • Always start with a 0.5 degree in increase. You can't go from a 1.0 degree bevel back to a 0.5 degree bevel without grinding your skis/board flat again.