Holmenkol SpeedFinish 2.0


Size: 50ml

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Mississauga 50ml 50ml
Collingwood 50ml 50ml
Toronto 50ml 50ml
Distribution Centre 50ml 50ml
Marketplace 50ml 50ml

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  • This wicked fast offering from Holmenkol is a simple fast application prior to racing for maximum speed and acceleration.
  • This finishing layer anchors itself optimally with high fluoro waxes.
  • Application is quick and simple! Spray it on, let it dry, rub with a cork, and brush it out!

WET – For damp to wet snow at temps 0° to -4° C.

MID – For fine to coarse-grained snow at temps -2° to -10° C.

COLD – For cold, dry climates and snow temps -8° to -20°C.