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Holmenkol Wax

Holmenkol Alpha Mix 0degC to -4degC Wax

Holmenkol Alpha Mix 0degC to -4degC Wax

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Color: Yellow
Size: 150 G

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Spherical Lens

Also called 'toric'. Curve both vertically and horizontally to enhance peripheral vision.


  • 25°F to 32°F (-4°C to 0°C).
  • A high quality hydrocarbon training and base wax for soft, new and fine-grained snow. 
  • 150g.
  • These premium hydrocarbon waxes are the foundation of Holmenkol's wax line.
  • Available in three temperature ranges (Alpha, Beta and Ultra). 
  • They can be used as travel or cleaning waxes, for recreational riding or race training, or as a base layer for any fluorocarbon additive or powder. 
  • Good for manmade and abrasive snow conditions . 
  • They work especially well in conjunction with Holmenkol Fluoro Additive GW25 (listed separately) for weekend racers who want maximum fluoro wax flexibility, convenience and economy.