Dynastar Speed 4X4 263 Ski + Xpress 10 GW Binding 2023

  • Bindings are included on this ski. This ski package also comes with free binding install at any S&B location. We do not ship ski and ski bindings installed.

Black Green

Size: 151

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Available Sizes For: Black Green

Mississauga 151 158 165 172
Collingwood 151 158 165 172
Toronto 151 158 165 172
Distribution Centre 151 158 165 172
Marketplace 151 158 165 172

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From the first turn to the last, from dawn to dusk, slope after slope, we can never get enough. Our body is working to generate energy and accelerate; our movements are coordinated and flowing... Turn after turn, from right to left and from top to bottom. All our senses are sharpened, we are striving for the perfect movement, the optimal flow. We feed on adrenaline. We carve each turn with determination and are obsessed by speed. We apply the same demanding standards to both ourselves and our equipment: we set our sights high. Feed your speed.