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Dynastar CR 70 w/Express 10 B73 2016

Dynastar CR 70 w/Express 10 B73 2016

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Camber puts pop into skis\/snowboards and gives skiers\/boarders good edge control while carving turns


Rocker skis\/boards offer superior float in soft snow and increased ease of turn initiation.


The CHROME 70 combines race-level precision with accessible carving performance for beginner to intermediate skiers making shorter turn shapes. The subtle Early Rise tip rocker eases turn initiation while classic camber through the rest of the ski delivers explosive power, stability and edge grip for confident hard snow performance. The CR 70 features the tool-free Xpress binding system, the lightest high-performance binding system on the market, to deliver a user-friendly on-trail ski that's less fatiguing and more fun. 100% On-Trail Int.