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Atomic Redster G9 FIS Jr +X12TL

Atomic Redster G9 FIS Jr +X12TL

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Camber puts pop into skis\/snowboards and gives skiers\/boarders good edge control while carving turns


If you’re a flying junior into Giant Slalom, the titanium-powered Atomic Redster G9 FIS J is the ski for you. Fulfilling the latest FIS rules, all elements of the ski’s shape - shovel, tail and cap radius, as well as increased V-shape – are tailored specifically to younger racers. It also features new Servotec. The name comes from ‘Servolenkung’ because that’s essentially what it is – power steering for your skis. The pre-stressed rod and elastomer on the top of the ski supports the ski’s steering behavior at all speed levels, making steering more agile in turns then more stable on straights. With its high-grade Power Woodcore and titanium construction, the ski is also exceptionally smooth. Precision, power, speed: for the Giant Slalom World Champions of tomorrow.

Details & Specs

Terrain Race
Power woodcore
Profile Active Camber
Bindings X12 TL Binding
Construction Full Sidewall,
World Cup Base Finish, Structured Topsheet
Skill Level Advance




Tip (mm)



Waist (mm)



Tail (mm)



Turning Radius (m)




Servotec is our radical innovation for racing and high-performance piste skiing. The name comes from ‘Servolenkung’ because that’s what it is – the first power steering for skis! The secret is the Servotec rod on the top of the ski and the elastomer just under the binding:

The rod is under tension, meaning the elastomer connected to it is compressed. The whole ski is therefore in a pre-stressed position – essentially ready to turn.

As the ski bends into a turn, the compression in the elastomer is relaxed. It rebounds out like a spring, pulling the rod with it and actively supporting the flex of the ski. This makes steering lighter and quicker.

Then on fast straights the rod and elastomer dampen out bumps and ruts in the slope and even swallow up negative swings. This keeps your steering firmer and more stable when skiing straight at high speeds.