Sweet Protection Trooper II SL MIPS Helmet 2021

  • 2021
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Gloss Aquamarine

Size: S-M

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Available Sizes For: Gloss Aquamarine

Mississauga S-M M-L S-M M-L S-M M-L L-XL M-L L-XL
Collingwood S-M M-L S-M M-L S-M M-L L-XL M-L L-XL
Toronto S-M M-L S-M M-L S-M M-L L-XL M-L L-XL
Distribution Centre S-M M-L S-M M-L S-M M-L L-XL M-L L-XL
Marketplace S-M M-L S-M M-L S-M M-L L-XL M-L L-XL
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MIPS Protection

This product contains MIPS which helps with rotational impact and reduces concussion severity.

Dial Adjust

Adjustable dial or boa fit system for a customizable fit.

Half Shell Construction

Most popular helmet type, incorporating soft ear protection for a comfortable fit and better hearing

Adjustable Vent System

Adjustable venting systems give you the ability to open or close vents to fit your needs.

EPP Construction

EPP foam aids in reducing high- and low-energy impacts. Ideal for racing, backcountry, and the park.

Spherical Lens

Also called 'toric'. Curve both vertically and horizontally to enhance peripheral vision.

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The Trooper SL is a slalom race helmet built on the proven Trooper construction. With its Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon Fiber (TLC) construction, our 2-piece shell construction and the unique Impact Shields liner, this is one of the most advanced helmets on the market offering optimal protection performance. The provided steel chinguard is removable and adjustable in height. This model is equipped with MIPS, a technology that reduces rotational forces on the brain. The new magnetic chin buckle makes it easier to fasten. The helmet is Audio Ready, and our Audio Chips can be bought as additional gear.

  • Slalom race helmet built in Trooper construction
  • Removable and adjustable steel chinguard to protect the face from gates
  • New and updated interior for easy adjustments
  • Audio Ready system