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Blackburn Grid Front Light

Blackburn Grid Front Light

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The Grid Front Light has four mode options, you can choose if you need high lumen power or extended run time. Ready for those commuting in the city, riding the open roads, or heading to their local trail. Grid Front Lights offer plenty of rechargeable power to keep you visible while out riding.


High Solid – full power, all the time
Constant Pulse – high power, always-on while pulsing
Fast Strobe – high alert, high speed pattern for max attention
ECO Flash – extends pulse and strobe modes by 2 hours


High Solid: 1.5 hours at 110 lumens
Constant Pulse: 4 hours at 75 lumens (+2 hours auto-eco)
Fast Strobe: 8.5 hours at 40 lumens (+2 hours auto-eco)
ECO Flash: 20 hours at 40 lumens

• 110 max Lumens
• White colored front visibility LEDs
• COB led technology for powerful wide array to be seen
• Silicone strap wrap mount fits a wide variety of sizes
• Eco flash extension extends pulse and strobe modes by 2 hours
• Pack and belt loop attachment clip