Warranties and Guarantees


Each product is subject to different warranty conditions depending on the manufacturer. If you’re experiencing an issue with a product please send an email to  hello@thelastlift.com with your order number and we’ll check with our warranty department to see if the item is covered. If you can, please provide pictures to help expedite the process. Be aware that products damaged through accidents and normal wear and tear are not covered. 

Most products we sell are covered by an extended manufacturer’s warranty. This guarantee covers manufacturing defects but not abuse, accidental damage, or normal use. If you’re interested in learning more about the warranty coverage of your particular product or you want to initiate a warranty claim, you can call any of our stores to speak with a sales associate or contact the online customer service team. Each of our locations has a designated sales associate dedicated to warranties so we are well versed in the process. We want your functioning gear back in your hands as soon as possible so you can get back out there!

Will my warranty claim be refused by the manufacturer?

Warranties are subject to the manufacturer's discretion and we are facilitating the warranty process acting on your behalf. If there is an issue, often the manufacturers will ask that customers deal directly with them during the warranty process in order to simplify the process. 

How long will it be until I get my gear back?

Facilitating a warranty with a manufacturer may take up to 6 weeks, depending on the brand of your product. We will do our best to offer an estimated timeline on when you can expect your gear back and stay in touch with updates throughout the process. 

Will I get a new product or will they repair my product?

Each manufacturer has a different and unique warranty policy, so it depends on the product and what is covered.

How do I initiate a warranty?

If you are initiating a warranty, the best solution is to bring the product to our stores and speak with a sales associate. If this is not possible and you have to ship the product to us, you will be responsible for paying any shipping fees. Please make sure the product is clean and washed, according to the manufacturer's standards.

Can you facilitate a warranty if I didn’t buy the product from you?

If you did not buy the product from us, but the product is from a brand we sell, it is likely that we can facilitate the manufacturer’s warranty, but admin fees will apply. Additionally, you will need to have a receipt or proof of purchase from the store where you bought the product.

How much does a warranty claim cost?

In most cases there is no cost for a warranty claim, however, shipping charges will apply if the item needs to be sent either to the manufacturer or out for repair. If the item was not purchased at The Last Lift, an admin fee will apply for facilitating the warranty on your behalf.